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Introducing NEW Strawberry Flavored Gummies

Posted by Brad & Elaine Johnson on

Natural strawberry fruit flavored gummy snacks from Sunrider

Sunrider is always on the lookout for smarter healthier alternatives for our everyday eating and snacking needs.  The mango-flavored Smart Gummy has been already been a real hit, and now Sunrider is making the chewable treat available in strawberry too!

No artificial flavors, sweeteners, or colors - they are the perfect healthy snack that is fun to eat!  Sunrider uses stevia to sweeten.  The gummies are rich in vitamins, including B12 (which can support mood, energy, mental focus, memory, and the immune system) and E (which has antioxidants).  High in good fiber, and the "gummy-ness" comes from plant-based pectins vs gelatin derived from animals, so it's suitable for vegans/vegetarians too.

This delicious strawberry flavored snack comes in handy little tin for convenience.  It fits very well in your purse or backpack.  So pop in a fun little delicious treat on the go.


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