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About Us!


This photo from  A Happy Ramblings ….magical 💫❤️😍.   We are Brad and Elaine Brumley Johnson, a couple of happy ramblers.  Creating our journey as we ramble through this life with our purpose.


New and mostly wonderful stuff happens every day as we give ourselves permission to create the abundant lifestyle we want. 

We want Energy and Wellness in mind, body, environment, relationships, and most especially with ourselves... this is where any limitations began from the programming and conditioning of our definitions, reactions, and responses…so we want those gone!

We love being able to Focus, Feel Calm, and get really good SLEEP! Too… How about you?



































We share these wonderful Sunrider Regenerative Whole Foods and all the other amazing products we have brought to ourselves for supporting our lifestyle and quality of life missions…. in excitement because they raise our quality of day and life by a noticeable lot!!

We share SEEBigger because this method along All of the amazing products that we have Found us…as a combo that raises our quality of life even more!  As in way better to focus, staying relaxed... even when things aren't going as well as we would like... and still getting a better nights sleep!

Mind - Body - Spirit actually connecting and liking each other...  When we like and love ourselves, and have faith and trust in ourselves it is really good...  limits disappear, we figure out who we want to be, not who someone else wants us to be, we create the life we want with awareness and conscious choice...  not from our programmed unconscious where we just react and repeat the same old limiting behaviors and patterns.

Doesn't that sound freeing?... believe us... it is.

Creating an Abundant life from every aspect can be pretty Amazing 🤩 

Seeing and feeling it happen ...  Experiencing Prosperity and Wellness and more Peace and Joy...  Regenerations….. We Are Always Sooo Thankful Every Day.

SEEBigger supports your connection with yourself, Sunrider Foods and all of the products we offer through our own experience of the products and belief in them ….support that connection so your mind and body can always be on that same limitlessly creative page.

You'll be so glad you have added all of these one-of-a-kind products into your day!