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Sunday Bowlling

Posted by Brad & Elaine Johnson on

So we were bowling, Sunday evening fun with a group from Brads part time at Sam's Club

... we ok, I ... lol... am not so good, did hit my all time high in this round of bowling of 82!

but Brad is way good... 141 mah dears!!!  It always makes it better we we can move forward in our endeavors... be they fun or business or life or any relationship... when we can experience the result and rewards of keep on keeping on.  MY first score was 42..see what im sayin???

Never Give Up, Never Surrender.. we are avid Galaxy Quest fans... ;)

It is how we aspire to live in all aspects of our Rambling.

Back to bowling fun...We love doing it and the friends and company...

but also get some sore muscles and stiffness sometimes.. that is not so much fun. 

We decided to make sure we drank Fortune Delight during and after ...and wallah...

NO Stiffness or Soreness for either of us.. now that is cool. 

FYI this particular product is fairly amazing... it feeds our body in a certain way with the conentrated who food herbs so that the lactic acid... the nassty underneath of the stiff and sore... washes away without even getting past the muscle check in clerk for a room number in our muscles! 

It doesn't' stop there... Oh no it does not:)

it also speeds up the muscle that's effing amazing... aids in recovery... speeds recovery.. 

ABSOLUTELY nothing else like this on the market in the world. 

Time for some raving...

Highly more value

Enhances recovery from stress and injury to our bodies

Sooo Many Antioxidants!

Washes fat away from the liver and digestive tract.. 

wash away the fat video!

Camelia Sinensis in there... google that kids, that is wayyy good

5 flavors

People have successful businesses selling and sharing amazing Fortune Delight  as well.. but there are over 400 amazing products to share and love!! we do.

We Choose Sunrider as a business because the compensation plan and business model suits us, and is so well designed and put into action... and we always get paid!!

We love that is it privately held so we get the consideration, attention, support, quality and payout... not the shareholders...

Have a good one!!






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