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'Tis the Season!

Posted by Brad & Elaine Johnson on

Hey, all… Happy holidays!  Just wanted to throw this out, whether you are already a Sunrider customer or new to our site, there’s always a need for last minute fun gifts and stocking stuffers for Christmas.  And if you are wanting to be conscientious regarding the health of your recipients, then Sunrider has the stuff for you!

Among the 400+ products that SR are several that can be purchased and broken up into individual items, so you can easily/more affordably share the love with multiple family/friends/co-workers.

For example, the Sun Breezes come in either 6 little balms or bottles, for about $62 (or $10 per Breeze).  So easy to carry with you all the time, for quick access to soothing relief of MANY conditions.



Sunrider Oi-Lin lip replenish gel skin careAnother product, very handy this time of year, is the Lip Replenish Gel.  The fruity flavored moisturizer protects your lips from harsh weathering and promotes natural healing while preventing further drying of chapped lips.  They come in 3-packs for $57 (or $16 per .4oz tube).







Important year ‘round but particularly during the flu season, the handy (pardon the pun) Hand Cleansing Gels are also easily carried, and provide convenient, waterless cleansing. It evaporates quickly. Because of the special formula, it cleanses and moisturizes at the same time.  Three 1-fluid oz tubes are around $20 (or just $6+/tube).

Another fun - and EDIBLE :)  - Sunrider product is the Smart Gummies.  An order consists of 6 tins for around $44, or $7/tin.  They come in mango or strawberry, and the chewy little bites satisfy sweet cravings in a healthy way, with no added sugar, sugar alcohols, or artificial ingredients.

















Finally, similar in format to the Smart Gummy snacks are the Sunrider version of quick breath freshener chews.  The Sunny Days herbal gum drops also come as 6 tins in a pack for around $42 total ($7/tin).  A natural/safer way to get that mouth odor neutralized.

If you have any questions, we’d love to answer them.  You can call, email us, connect on Facebook or Instagram and message thru there…whatever is the easiest!


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