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Why I Like the SunBreeze

Posted by Brad & Elaine Johnson on

SunBreeze comes as a Oil or BalmSunBreeze is probably one of my favorite Sunrider products because of 1) soooooo many uses, and 2) I can get it in two different formats: balm or oil.  Made from safe, pure, all-natural ingredients, including mint extract, cassia, menthol, camphor, and eucalyptus oil.
Muscle aches, headaches, tension, and stress all quickly are relieved soon after applying the SunBreeze, with it's concentrated, cool feeling and refreshing scent.  Just apply to where your body hurts!  Or on the temples for headache and stress relief.  Or under the nose if you are stuffy.  The fresh scent is enough to make you happy just sniffing.
The balm, which comes in two different sizes, is perfect for an active lifestyle and fits nicely in my pocket, or safe in my gym bag.  The essential oil in the bottle absorbs quickly and goes to work immediately to improve your day.


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