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You are Enough Guidance Sessions

Stress and pressure can be a part of life, but they don't have to be a WAY of life.

Elaine can help you with many different concerns, emotional obstacles, memories or feelings that may be holding you back.  Getting rid of limiting beliefs can bring you amazing free-ness and the positivity to get going and moving forward again, and enjoying true "Functional Wellness"!


Changing the relationship with yourself, so you can build and elevate the kind of relationships you want with others - on a personal, family, business, community level - and more easily achieve your goals and heart's desire.

Brain Foods:                                                                                                    

Health-to-wellness utilizing specific foods and nutrition that are correct combinations of concentrated whole foods that nourish and build the brain.

Transform yourself and Believe You Are Enough 🤗❤️

She is available for phone consultations.  Contact her for more information (

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