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Stress and pressure can be a part of life, but they don't have to be a WAY of life.

Holy feel good alloverishness....why wouldn’t you want a life of Functional Wellness believing You Are Enough...???

It simply and wonderfully means you are creating the best day that you can every day.. experiencing more and more relief from stress and pressure...in all aspects of Wellness... Health, Family, Business, Money ... developing the abilities you already have to create Abundance of and in all things by removing blocks that are limiting you.

The difference from Happy-Ramblers is .....this creative process is Functional...working like it’s supposed to ....also while getting better every day as well!

Think about it. If you like the idea, if your intuition and gut connect and are waving at you to get your attention... you found us for a reason, right?   You Gotta read on to discover how to get what you want and your heart’s desires!❤️💋❤️

How to do this??? Through your story and truth, and some guidance from Elaine😊🙌

It starts with you beginning to recognize and claim your value, worth, truth, and power!  AND feel GREAT about it... not guilty or questioning or doubting or not good enough... and all those many other self-destructive words you have been programmed to believe about yourself and use in your little chats with yourself🤦‍♀️

Create your own transformative changes... Changes that are lasting and in your control and powerful because you are choosing them.  The more you use it, the faster the changes..the closer you get to your heart’s desires...  it’s how it works, can’t help it! 🤷‍♀️😘❤️

Do it with The Power of SEEBigger™.  

Elaine can help you ... she been helping folks like this her life... with many different concerns, emotional obstacles, memories or feelings that may be holding you back.  They are appearing over and over because they arise from limiting definitions and patterns that come from past programming and conditioning from parents, family, society, generational beliefs and existing patterns simply passed on to you without you even realizing it has happened... in your unconscious.

and are almost ALWAYS hidden in your unconscious. 

 It’s really all about your unconscious and the power it holds over you in every way...until you decide to qqturn and face that part of you and decide to begin to make some of those transformational changes you will learn more about as you go ...😀

Are you feeling it??  Excited?? I know I am🤩🔥🎶

Here’s some things to begin this journey from me to you...

Some patterns you recognize by the limits occurring in your life you regularly experience... like a pattern... others have been around so long and are so invisible they simply feel normal... still in a pattern..you just can’t quite see it yet...but you will.  

Getting rid of these limiting beliefs and patterns...especially the unconscious ones, connecting to your unconscious and becoming conscious and aware...  these powerful energies will help you begin to recognize and be aware of them and the control they have in your life..you get that control back by facing truths about the past, and walking into them with recognition, choice, awareness, and deliberate intentions.  

Elaine guides you on this journey of connecting to your unconscious with her intuitive and empathic abilities and energetically.... she listens to your unique story, your truths, and offers the guidance based on you.  

A cool thing... you will love this...I did and DO!..... once your energy shifts it won’t go back!  Transformative change energetically that you can experience in mind, body, spirit and being

It is a space of no judgment or guilt,shame, criticism... none from her ....and she will show you how stop doing these things to yourself... so many of us are the very best at self-sabotage aren’t we?

Did you know that all of this self-sabotage, judgment, and criticism comes from the belief that you have no worth or value?  that you don’t deserve good things that you owe something or someone in an energy of debt and fear?  

Here’s a big that seriously affects EVERY part of your life ...and most of it is pretty hidden in unconscious patterns from parents and family...and al the emotions connected to

MONEY!!  Whew...  sooo much power it has in your decisions... even if you don’t SEE the connection.. or haves awareness of the truth of how you FEEL about money... like... Did the mention of the word cause a noticeable reaction of some kind???  Hmm??

Are you aware you can be completely controlled by your feelings about MONEY!  Like... stop and think about some choices you have been making... you may have to really think and dig down.. but it is almost guaranteed money is there and how you feel about...DEFINE it, feel it... is very much there and totally controlling the reactions and responses you have around the choices you have been making... are making.

Here’s another ...

Do you honestly feel like you have ever been enough or good enough? That’s a SEEBigger™ for most as owning that can lead to some painful and fearful truths ...that are also some of the most powerfully freeing energies you can ever experience..  and that once you begin to have trust and have in yourself it gets easier to look at and your perceptions are more clear because you can SEEBigger™ Which means differently ... and clearer.... You also wonderfully begin to actually believe you can do this, face whatever you have run from... instead of replacing or repressing how you feel.

Wow!!    is that an amazing permanent life changing energetic shift!  

 You know it already.. once you step into and through a fear it simply disappears.. you done it somewhere...    you know how you get that look on your face.. kinda confused because you have changes in your neural pathways as you created a new one that does not feel fear in the situation anymore!! So asking yourself...What was I afraid of?? Why was i afraid?



Ok.. one more powerful Did you know... 

Did you know gratitude is very damaging? That This most popular belief is based on energy of debt and lack of sel-worth?  This energy comes from feeling obliged and in debt .... for receiving something that you didn’t “deserve” so you feel compelled to be “grateful”.  You become bogged down in endless and constant indebtedness and a kind of enslavement to whomever it is focused on...  did you know that it gives them constant power over you?   Do SEE how insidious it is?  On the surface it it feels so good to feel grateful, live in gratitude...and even more powerful the feelings of “belong”  so many of us are unconsciously searching for something to belong to because of past programming of not ever feeling we are enough....this world is drowning in this false sense of the power of gratitude and it has cult behaviors of guilt and shame and exclusion if you don’t express and show being and feeling grateful or belong to the beliefs surrounding gratitude.

This triggers so many things from the past programming ... reactions to those limiting definitions and patterns, then the hardwired response to turn aware from the fear and pain by repeating even more of the pattern so stop it...then the same symptoms and conditions.... both emotionally and physically begin to appear ... you wonder how you got to this place..confused, unsure of what to do.. looking for a way out.. also part of the pattern.... but one thing you feel sure of...you messed up...Again.  Then other self-destruction begins to jump on board....

Seem familiar?  


BUT... if you are reading this you have already started to make different choices... the words make sense, even if they don’t go along with a majority or a big group.  you are willing to try something that gives you power and control.. that is very scary for many.

Be thankful, be appreciative... BUT never use the word grateful or make a list of what you are grateful for or have a gratitude journal.  It destroys you own self- worth, value and confidence...creating a victim within as you are so grateful you never appreciate or believe you are the creator.. that you are the power of your abilities and creating your reality by making conscious choices based on self- worth, love, trust... and faith!

GRATITUDE IS A GREAT DESTROYER.. did you know that?.. think about it.

it hides behind a great benefit of feeling a made up word ...humble.  What exactly is humble and why do you believe in the definition you are attached to? Where does it begin and end?

Your ability to ask these questions in a very deliberate and conscious choice is part of the transformative changes that can begin with the Power of SEEBigger™

how they can bring you amazing free-ness and the ability to get going and moving forward again, and enjoying true "Functional Wellness"!

The Power of SEEBigger

Changing the relationship with yourself... release  stress and pressure so you can see more options, opportunities!   It feels magical, and it is.. your magic... you can literally SEEBigger™

... more in every way when stress and pressure are gone .. like when you have the ah ha and then new things make sense, become more literally more clear.  l know... but it is the best word to use for all of this..literally 😂🤣😇

Stress and pressure are limiting and blinding in our perceptions of everything in our minds and everything around us in life and how we create our reality.  

When you can SEEBigger™ you can begin to give and receive love in every way and it opens up your flow of abundance by removing blocks!   You can SEE opportunities...  

You can make less mistakes, or mis-steps when you literally SEEBigger™ as you release stress and pressure...you can build and elevate the kind of relationships you want with yourself and others - on a personal, family, business, community level - and more easily achieve your goals and heart's desire.

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