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OUT OF STOCK / PRE-ORDER Prime Again® Natural Herbal Supplement by Sunrider

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Prime Again® supplement is designed to address the body's endocrine system with "fire element" herbs that work in harmony with the body's hormone-producing glands.*

The formulation for Prime Again® can also be found as part of the five "components" of Sunrider's Quinary product.

Based on the Philosophy of Regeneration®, Prime Again® is designed to maintain optimum health through proper nutrition and keeping the body in balance. Exclusively formulated with a proprietary blend of concentrated herbs for effectiveness, Prime Again® is a unique combination of Eastern herbal tradition and Western science.

  • Designed to address the body's endocrine system.*
  • Herbs that take a primary role in this task include Chinese yam, leek seed, mushroom powder, and paper mulberry.
  • Other herbs that address the functions of distinct organs include eucommia bark, mongoliavine fruit, senega root, cornel fruit, forty-knot root, broomrape herb, morinda root, and fennel seed.
  • The endocrine system is truly complex, as it encompasses the multitude of hormone-producing glands.

Ingredients Include: Chinese Yam, Forty Knot Root, Leek Seed, Poria, Cornet Fruit, Paper Mulberry

100 Capsules/Bottle


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.