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OUT OF STOCK / PRE-ORDER SunFit321 30-Day Pack (English)

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High-potency products for weight management

This pack is for anybody who wants balanced nutrition in the most convenient way!

Featuring three targeted Sunrider® products, this pack is a great way to shed extra pounds, live a healthier life, and bring your mind, body, and spirit into balance.


1 SunFit® Protein Plus Naturally Vanilla, 1.5 lb./680g tub;1 SunFit® Protein Plus Caramel Macchiato, 1.5 lb./680g tub, 3 Fortune Delight® Peach, 10/3g packs; 1 VitaTaste® 100 capsules; 1 SunFit321 Pack Card; 1 Shaker Bottle